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About Serena

We perceive ourselves as craftsmen with a deep understanding of the audiovisual business.

We have an innovative spirit, creative talent with access to the most advanced technology, and specialized production teams, working together to offer the best possible audiovisual services.

Serena was created in 2002 when a group of inspired professionals combined their talents and created the most advanced post-production studio in Spain. In 2012, we opened in Dubai with the intention of exporting our working model and spirit.

We work for leading advertisers, production companies, and advertising agencies. Our producers, visual compositors, and engineers skillfully combine their artistic and technical abilities. They know how to interpret and understand each client’s requirements.

From the arrival of the idea to the delivery of the finished project, Serena’s executive production team make sure that work is carried out properly, while keeping the client well-informed.

VFX: We take on a broad range of projects. These vary from small jobs to large international productions.

We have developed workflows to link Serena’s various departments. These not only encompass the project’s technical structure, but also pre-production meetings, attending shoots, and providing cooperative work environments so that projects can be handled in their entirety.

Our visual effects supervisors combine artistic qualities with extensive technical skills. Image enrichment is the most spectacular moment in post-production, when Serena’s creative ability in making ideas reality can truly be appreciated.

All the previously created elements suddenly come together. It is the definitive phase, the moment when the genius of our visual compositors can be fully appreciated. They manage to take 2D and 3D images and add them to real-life footage to create a new reality that is beautiful, harmonious, and believable.

Thanks to our tapeless system, we have access to all content at all times and in any place, whether it be Madrid or Dubai.

COLOUR: Serena’s colourists are blessed with a rare sense of color. In addition to this skill they have extensive technical preparation.

They interpret and bring to life the clients vision of colour. In order to do so, they use the DaVinci Resolve grading systems.

DESIGN: We are a research laboratory with vast creative potential. We know that machines alone are nothing more than machines. At Serena, we throw every effort into searching for new ways of achieving excellent results.

Visual development begins in the design department. It is the moment in which an idea’s various possibilities are evaluated and where, together with our clients, we decide on the most suitable way forward.

To turn an abstract concept into reality, we use multiple techniques, such as 3D, where we carry out the modeling, texturing and lighting of the object that is being designed, and animate it using motion capture systems.

The object then starts to come to life, and if we need a context in which it can develop, we create ultra-realistic scenes, generating fire, smoke, or any other atmospheric phenomenon, as well as virtual landscapes, a host of characters, or fluids and liquids.

We like to know our client’s requirements and make their time in our studios productive. At Serena, work is organized through the producer, who is the client’s sole contact. This allows tasks to be organized much more easily.

His work is complemented by another essential team component: the visual effects supervisors, who establish dialogue with the creative director and provide advice on pre-production, filming, and post-production, thereby optimizing time and costs.

Our visual effects supervisors combine artistic qualities with extensive technical skills. Image enrichment is the most spectacular moment in post-production, when one can really appreciate Serena’s creative ability in turning ideas, whatever their complexity, into reality.

The supervisor interprets the director’s initial ideas and proposes the most appropriate techniques for making them a reality. He or she also proposes solutions to ensure we create kick ass images!

Our visual compositors recreate fictional cities, model and animate 3D objects, simulate movement and generate crowds, thus creating complex visual and sound effects.”